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Lewis and Irene Squirrelled Away -mushroom medley on cream


"Under dappled skies and autumn sun, dwell woodland creatures having fun. Squirrel rogues and berry thieves, play hide and seek beneath the trees.
As the crisp chill settles on the breeze, the wind whips chasing dancing leaves. Yellows, reds and golden brown; twisting, twirling, tumbling down.
A tireless eternal game, they momentarily set the ground aflame. Camouflaging foraged treasure, a last conserve for colder weather.
On slender branches bending low, jewels of berries brightly glow. Plucked and gathered fallen fruit, mice conceal their cherished loot.
Cheeky squirrels run and leap, preparing for their winters reap. Shaking boughs until they drop, gathering seeds then off they hop.
A mushroom marker to hide their stash, no one to see the hidden cache, except a spikey, snuffling friend, who’s little paws will soon descend.
A worthwhile way to spend the day, to find the riches squirrelled away"


Fabric is 100% cotton, 110cm wide, and sold by the fat quarter.

All multiples are cut continuously from the bolt.

To order 1 metre, enter '4' into the quantity box.

1 fat quarter measures 50cm x 55cm

2 fat quarters measure 50cm x 110cm

3 fat quarters measure 75cm x 110cm

4 fat quarters measure 1m x 110cm

Mushroom Medley CC25.1

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