Inspired by pet lovers and things furry everywhere, Woof Woof Meow celebrates the scrappy canine and the mischievous feline. The pink, blue and gold color palette will delight boys and girls, young and old, and whether you’re on Team-Dog or Team-Cat, you are sure to find the perfect prints for your next pet-lovers project. Woof Woof Meoooow!


Woof Woof Meow Panel from Moda. Easy to sew panel features a mother and father dog and 4 puppies. The parents have a cute pocket that their babies fit in.


Fabric is 100% cotton. Panel measures approximately 36" x 44".

Woof Woof Meow - Dog Panel

  • Manufacturer: Moda
    Collection: Woof Woof Meow
    ID: MWW 20560 11